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Bill Gordon & Associates

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Bailey Joni Beth

Murphysboro IL | Attorneys

Borden John F

Lawrenceville IL | Attorneys

Conger & Elliott Prof Corp

Carmi IL | Attorneys

Crisel Jerry Atty

Albion IL | Attorneys

Enloe Douglas A

Lawrenceville IL | Attorneys

Farrar & Brian PC

Mt Carmel IL | Attorneys

Fyie & Hawkins

Fairfield IL | Attorneys

Fyie Jay

Fairfield IL | Attorneys

Fyie & Rice Law Office LLC

Fairfield IL | Attorneys

Gibson Larry D

Mt Vernon IL | Attorneys

Hanagan & McGovern

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For over 70 years the Hanagan name has enjoyed the highest reputation for quality and caring representation of local personal injury and workers' compensation clients and their families in all of southern and central Illinois. The Hanagan & McGovern...

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Hanagan & McGovern PC

Mt Vernon IL | Attorneys

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When navigating legal conflicts or handling more severe legal matters, you may need a lawyer. Acting as a resource for all your legal, accounting and unique consultancy services, our local law firms harness a variety of highly professional services and provide individualized solutions to your problems.

When to hire a Lawyer

How do you determine whether you should hire legal services, rather than handle matters on your own? One of the first steps is deciding whether your legal needs justify the added expense.  There are some circumstances where hiring a lawyer can be astronomically beneficial.

Whenever you aren't confident in representing yourself, it's time to hire assistance. Factors include how well you understand legal concepts, the amount of time and effort you're willing to contribute, and determining whether you can afford losing the case or dispute.

Popular local Lawyers within the community

Contracts Lawyer

A contracts lawyer helps individual clients or businesses with contract disputes. They contribute a legal standpoint on whether or not to comply and sign a contract, or they can help a client combat a contract they have already signed.

General Practice Lawyer

A general practice lawyer doesn't specialize on one topic. Rather, they consult with clients on a large range of legal issues and proceedings.

Corporate Lawyer

The duties of a corporate lawyer are to advise clients of their rights, responsibilities, and role under the law. When a corporate lawyer is employed by a corporation, the lawyer represents the corporate entity. Corporate lawyers spend the bulk of their time helping a corporation avoid litigation. 

Hours and procedures

To reach a lawyer, you must book an appointment through their firm or practice. Their set hours are either displayed online at their website or outside of their office. 

Most legal work is charged on an hourly rate, with a final bill sent to their clients. Pricing ranges between various firms and lawyers. Lawyers with more experience/seniority tend to be more expensive.

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